Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Birthday to the Queen

 I absolutely adore Kate Moss. She literally is one of the only women in the world that can wear anything. She pulls any look off so effortlessly I could cry. 

One of my most treasured possessions is my copy of Kate Moss: Style written by Angela Buttolph. It's an amazing glimpse into Kate's world (and her wardrobe!) filled with beautiful, glossy pictures of some of her most iconic looks. Well worth a look! 

I think I fell in love with Kate around the 2007- Pete Doherty era. I remember seeing pictures of her in the magazines looking fabulous in grey skinny jeans and begging my mum to order a similar style from Next for me. I even had a pair of black ankle boots with a stiletto heel because she had worn the same style. 

Around the same time she launched her first range for Topshop and I though I was the ish when I got my hands on the cutest play suit from the collection. I think I thought I was Kate every time I wore it. I still have it today and I love to throw it on over a bikini on holiday or if we ever get a bit of sunshine here in the UK. 

I wouldn't say Kate is the reason I love fashion, because I have always loved it from a very young age. There are countless photos of me as a toddler tottering round in high heels with a string of pearls around my neck and clasping a handbag! But she is definitely one of the first people I remember being really influenced by, style-wise. 

I love how she just throws looks together and even when she's dolled up too the max she never looks over done. That's something I strive to emulate. 

I also love that she is utterly undeniably, uncompromisingly: Kate. She is who she is and she does what she wants. She's not afraid to be seen out partying with a fag in her mouth. She's dated bad boys. Remember when Courtney Love ripped her dress on her birthday? The likes of Kim Kardashian-West (who I love btw no disrespect) would have had a meltdown and left to change immediately but not our Kate; she fashioned the stunning Dior gown into a mini dress and continued dancing the night away. 

I love that care-free attitude. In a world where everyone is so concerned about their image it's reassuring to have someone like Kate in the public eye to remind us that, even if you're a world-famous supermodel, you're still a human being: you're not perfect all the time. 

So happy birthday to the ultimate London girl Kate: 41 and fabulous darling. Thank you for inspiring girls like me all over the world. 

Peace and love xxx

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