Friday, 16 January 2015

What's in a name?

A basic bitch fulfills all the stereotypes of your typical 22 year old white girl and absolutely nothing more.
I can't lie I don't know how to define the term but when it comes to beauty, hell yeah I would call myself a basic bitch. 
I would love to wake up in the morning and beat my face with Chanel and YSL but, for now at least, I will make do with my beloved drug store faves. 
I've turned into a completely obsessed product junkie but I want to start upping my game! I love using Pinterest and Instagram to see what the beauty buffs are up to and what new products are out there, so why not share some of that with everyone else? 
I learn so much from posts and tutorials but the glammed-up-to-the-max look doesn't always suit me so I often adapt different techniques to find what works for my face; I'm all about the everyday look when it comes to make up.
I've also started to look further into the cosmetics that I'm buying because it is actually very scientific. I've been wearing make up for years but never really considered factors such as my skin type or undertone (told you I was basic), and they're actually really important if you want your make up to look good!
So I think my skin type is dry and that my undertone is cool- but I mean, I could be wrong because I haven't had this confirmed by someone that actually knows what they're talking about. (That is on my To Do List though, I promise!)
I do, however, know for a fact that I have some serious freckles and fine lines under my eyes, dark spots and blemishes on my forehead, redness on my cheeks, enlarged pores on and around my nose, and awful acne scars on my chin. 
I know that it sounds like I'm picking faults with myself but what I have learnt is that once you acknowledge the flaws that you want to hide with make up, you can start buying products specifically made to target those areas, rather than just using any old thing. The result: your make up will look so much better. 
I never thought my make up looked bad, but when I compare old photos with my appearance now, I can see a big improvement. 
Shiny patches, heavy eye make up and where are my brows?! 
Contour, blend, pout, REPEAT! Kim KW- eat your heart out!
So that's what I'm doing here, posting about my beauty journey, basically. As well as learning about cosmetics I'm also trying to pretty much overhaul my lifestyle; healthy eating, looking after my skin etc. so I will be posting about subjects other than make up. 
Keep reading, follow and share posts as you will.  
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Peace and love xxx

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