Thursday, 15 January 2015

Shout out

My new favourite website

I stumbled across this site a few days ago and I'm now wondering how I ever lived without it. 

For those of you that haven't heard of Makeup Alley it is basically social networking for make up! It gives you access to reviews of over 2 million beauty products and you will never buy make up again without reading up on it beforehand.

In the past I've always been a 'buy whatever's on offer' kind of girl, but now that I'm maturing, I've realised that I need to pay more attention to my skin type/needs. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not a beauty retard; I've been wearing it as long as I can remember and I'm not too shabby at applying it- although there's always room for improvement! 

But over the last year or so I have started to take my beauty regime more seriously and I have literally become obsessed with all things cosmetic. 

However, like most of us I have lots of bills to pay and limited income so I can't always afford to pay a fortune for products that are going to sit in my makeup bag for the rest of eternity. 

That's where Makeup Alley comes in: now I can read reviews before I purchase anything so that I make more informed choices and hopefully don't waste too much money. 

Of course I understand that we are all different and that what works for someone else may not necessarily work for me but I can at least get a vague idea of what to expect from a product. 

The site also allows you to filter the reviews based on skin type, age range etc so that you read those most similar to your own, which will give you a better idea of how the product will work for you.

At the same time you can also post reviews for products you loved and loathed, and give them a rating. There are also message boards to join if you require more information or advice. 

I love reading other people's opinions and sharing what I thought of various products. I also love that there's an app so that I can scan items when I'm out and about to read and post reviews on the go. 

If you're as obsessed with anything cosmetic as I am and want to read reviews for millions of products all in one place then you need to start using Makeup Alley. 

Peace and love xxx

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  1. I love makeupalley too I'm always checking out products on there if I wanna buy them to see the rating and reviews :) xxx